Harmony Therapeutics:

One Voice for Better Patient Outcomes.

Harmony is a pharmaceutical commercialization company focused on bringing to market innovative and effective therapies for many of today’s most common conditions including chronic pain, high cholesterol, allergies, acid reflux, and symptoms associated with diseases of the central nervous system. We bring these new and often exclusive therapies to pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, and physicians across the country.

Our team works closely with manufacturers, drug developers, wholesalers, and specialty pharmacies across the country to ensure product awareness, VAWD certified supply chains, and economically viable access to these valuable products.

Who We Serve


We spend our time finding the newest, most effective, most profitable therapies so that you don’t have to. We keep you abreast of the latest drug developments, regulatory and reimbursement landscapes, and industry best practices.

We help you gain broader access to the products and pricing that will keep you ahead of the curve.


We identify and deliver to you the best new products as they come to market. Period. We collaborate with a global group of manufacturers to bring their products to market in the US in a way that fits the unique nuances of the specialty pharmacy landscape. Our access provides you with early information and a view into “what’s next”.

Healthcare Providers

Our organization is focused on improving patient outcomes.  We recognize that our work is most effective when performed hand-in-hand with healthcare providers.  Our deeply experienced team of clinical liaisons serve our provider customers on a daily basis.  This highly trained team of product specialists is the daily point of contact for questions, training, and issue management for all Harmony Therapeutics items.

Our Products

Our Partners

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